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LGM Auto Finance believes that even if you have poor credit, you should enjoy a dignified and respectful experience when you apply for a loan.

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LGM Auto Finance is committed to helping you fix your situation. Making on-time payments is critical to establishing or improving your credit score!

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Specialist in subprime financing

For over 10 years, LGM Auto Finance has been helping people who may have credit challenges obtain automobile financing and reestablish credit.


See what others had to say about their experience with LGM Auto Finance

LGM is an awesome place to get a car loan. Not only did they make it easy to make payments but were always helpful when I called. During my time with them I had an accident that resulted in a total loss of my vehicle. Lisa was amazing!

Kelly Wilson

LGM Auto Finance is a great lender that strives to help customers work to better their current credit situations by putting them in a position to control their own future!

Joshua Kornet

Amazing Company. Possibly the only company out there who provides auto loans for people who have very low credits. We need company like LGM who does not judge people with their financial background. I love LGM!

John S

I had a great experience. they approved me when everyone said NO! Thank you so much LGM i appreciate everyone and their hard working staff! you guys are great!

Michael Jones

LGM helped me when no one else would. Helped me rebuild my credit and I just upgraded into another vehicle with them. They work with you and understand your situation.

Travis Burgess

I have worked with this company on a number of occasions and have always had a great experience! They are very cooperative and easy to work with!

Kelly Weaver

All other banks declined me and finally found a bank to give me a chance. Have had a great experince so far and I love my 2013 Ford Fusion that LGM gave me with $500 down.

Chris P.

Continually giving clients the opportunity to establish credit and upgrade their transportation! LGM will give you a way to go!

Jeremy Haas